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Revolut vs. Wise (Transferwise) – My review after 1 year (2022)

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This video is not sponsored. I have a standard account with Revolut and Wise for about a year now and they have traveled to several countries with me. In fact, I never travel without these them. Now I think I am in a good position to give you a review and my honest opinion about Revolut and Wise (formerly known as Transferwise). Do I think Revolut or Wise is the better choice? Do I have a favorite? Are they really a good way to save money while traveling? Find out in this video 🙂


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  1. Thanks for the great review do revolut do direct debits in spain and is it possible to have a spanish iban please

  2. So I'm a Brazilian in Europe and I use Wise to transfer my money from Brazil (reais) to Europe (€). Can I use Revolut for that or it doesn't work to make wires from Brazil? 🙁

  3. Nice one Maggi, just to clear this: Wise is NOT a bank (no licence as a bank) and Revolut is a licenced bank (Lituania).

  4. Be careful guys , WISE is really scams , They scam my funds and they return my money back even I write many emails to them ,

  5. I sent the link to my client in Nevada USA and apparently it’s not usable. What can I do to help

  6. As a resident of Japan, will the JPY on my Wise debit card be automatically converted at the mid-market rate whenever it's used to pay for something in another country? I'm trying to get my head around why travelers would hold multiple currencies.

  7. Wise is now charging a fee if you’re holding more than $3000 in your account. It used to be $15000, and then all of a sudden that limit went down to $3000. Really shady from them tbh. I’m not sure if Revolut has any limit on how much you can hold fee-free

  8. Both are unreliable and you should never put a lot of money into either of them. Transfer wise has been withholding a transfer from me for almost two weeks now and claim they are ‘checking’ the transfer!

  9. Can I use wise card for my salary ? If I give detail in my job place ? It's good to receive salary in wise card ?
    And wise give IBAN number ?

  10. I have both and travel a lot as a digital nomad, but generally prefer Wise, just simpler to use, completely transparent, card payments are always reliable and does not try to do too much. Revolut is bit of a jack of all trades but not the best at any, if I want to invest there are better companies, same with crypto. Neither are actually banks so do not put a lot of money in them.

  11. Hope this hasn't been asked… is it possible to transfer money directly between a Revolut and a Wise account? The logic is that I prefer Revolut, but it isn't available for use as widely, which having an account on Wise would solve if they "speak to each other."

  12. On revolut, you can prevent the weekend fees by add a currency and money there during the week.

  13. Good work summarizing both of them , just 2 things to correct

    1 = You can charge your wise balance with your bank's card the same way as revolut , in both cases you might be asked to confirm transaction using 3ds from your austrian bank , otherwise no big differences

    2 = in wise you also have vaults , they are called jars

    i 100% agree with your advice about using both , while keeping your old regular card , and so far i also havent found the perfect debit card provider , cause each has his pros/cons

  14. Are you considering upgrading your free plan with Revolut? I personally have Premium

  15. Thank you Maggi, as usual, your information is very useful! Love your natural and authentic way of delivering your content… keep up the great videos. =)

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